Helvetia Open CW Activity

Our formula for success
Never send faster than your QSO partner does!

HB-OCWA is a project aimed to encourage CW contacts on the HF bands and help ops improve their CW skills.

We welcome all levels, from beginner to advanced. We ask that you lower your speed as needed to help your CW partner improve their skills and gain experience.

When calling CQ, send at a moderate speed that does not discourage others from participating.

Most Active Stations
Pos  Call  QSO   
1    DM2DZM 391   
2    HB9BMD 297   
3    HB9AYR 193   
4    HB9CGA 111   
5    DL4FDM 110   
-    HB9EWO 110   
7    HB9GYF 108   
8    HB9EPE 84   
9    HB9AFH 40   
10    DJ6UX 32   
11    HB9BQB 30   
12    HB9CMC 27   
13    HB9DEO 23   
14    HB9BXE 22   
15    HB9DAL 21   
16    DL5YL 18   
17    HB9BPH 15   
18    HB9BJL 14   
19    HB9HTC 12   
20    HB9ABO 11   

0 QSOs today and 6 yesterday. 897 QSOs in total.
QSO time: 220 hours, 40 minutes. Average: 15 minutes.
More statistics:

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Welcome to HB-OCWA!

Helvetia Open CW Activity - CQ HTC

Starting in January 2020, the Helvetia Telegraphy Club initiated an activity to celebrate our 40th anniversary as well as encourage amateur radio operators in Switzerland and elsewhere to increase CW activity on the HF bands. The program was so successful during 2020 that the Club decided to continue it in 2021.

HB-OCWA involves CW contacts between amateur radio operators with Swiss callsigns as well as contacts with hams in other countries. Indeed, radio amateurs from outside Switzerland are very welcome to register and then participate in HB-OCWA – but in order for them to reach the number of QSOs needed to receive an attractive award certificate, each 2-way CW contact for this program must include an operator with a Swiss callsign, whether from their home QTH or operating portable. Further, because our goal is to encourage casual conversations on the air, these contacts must be far more than "599 TU" and last for at least 10 minutes.

The HB-OCWA program will continue to be in effect through the end of 2021.

Recommended frequencies (kHz): 1835-1840, 3535-3540, 7035-7040, 10125-10130, 14035-14040, 18085-18090, 21035-21040, 24905-24910 and 28035-28040. However, participants are also invited to try the HTC watering hole / Morse Code broadcast frequencies of 3569, 7033 and 14062. hb9htc.ch

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